A New Year Resolution?

It was the new year night. The gunshot was concealed by the sounds of fireworks. It was classic; nobody would hear that, nobody would notice the difference. Even though it was night, he barely needed his torch. The sky was full with fireworks, one after another, blasting in the middle of nothingness. It was beautiful, but he barely saw it. He was busy crying after the dead body.

His glasses were reflecting the firework’s color. Red, green, red, blue. They were flashing one by one, like the colored spotlight on the stage. This was indeed a stage, he thought. This was the stage when the main character was dead, and he himself was both the villain and the victim. He killed this body, but he mourned it as well.

When he looked up, the fireworks train still went on and on. He imagined those people in the city, who only enjoyed the beautiful view of the sky. The fact that a murderer saw the very same sky wouldn’t cross their mind. They would not know about it. The only thing they knew was the year was changing, the fireworks were blasting, their friends and acquaintances were happy, and that was all.

He glanced at the dead body beside him. He made sure that he killed the body right after the first firework. It matched his favorite quote: it was the beginning of the end. Who would think that the duration between the ‘beginning’ and the ‘end’ was only one second or two? It didn’t matter anymore. The body was dead. And so was the shooter.

Suddenly, the rain fell. He didn’t bother to look up for a shelter. Let the rain washed up all his sins. He hoped so. In his hand was a gun, only one bullet left. The tip of the gun was still warm from the shoot earlier. A feint smoke was seen from it. He thought of shooting himself at first. He settled set the gun toward his head, but the rain made him stop.

Because it was raining. His tears was concealed by the wetness from the water. It was classic; nobody would see that, nobody would notice the difference. Even though there was nobody there, he felt like he needed to hide that tears. It was tears of a coward. It was tears of a sinner.

He took off his glasses. No fireworks projected in his lenses now. It stopped because of the rain. The party in the town was canceled, he wondered. Now the sky was peaceful again, just like what the dead body loved. It was only the stars and the clouds. Nothing there to disturbed them.

He didn’t mean to killed his brother. But he had to. No reasons needed to explain his action. It was just because he needed to. As simple as that. He pulled the trigger just because he needed to. He had spilled his blood as well, since his blood was running inside his brothers too.

It was the new year night, and he sat down with mud all over his clothes, mourning someone that he couldn’t take back to live, and enjoying the night view as much as he could for now. Because who knew he might ended his life as well tomorrow?

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