Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe; a review

I had to take a few seconds break after I read the book. It was different with that time I’d finished Demian. With Demian it mostly questions and the unsatisfying feelings because it had ended in an unexpected place. But it was good; Demian was good. It was a mixed thought about freedom, seeking the truth, and controlling yourself. With Demian you would get the feeling about being yourself as a whole, and how you would get that trough knowing yourself. Well, it’s not a feeling; it is what Demian supposed to taught you.

Yet, Demian is not the book for everyone. I myself got a quite hard time understanding the book. It was beautiful; the book, but if you are not patient enough, you will not get the beauty of it. And it is different with this book about which I am talking right now.

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