I Like Watching You Sleep

Tonight’s weather was abnormally nice. Usually it would be light rain all over the night or storm. But it was almost nothing in the sky today. No clouds, no stars. It was only the moon, hanging alone on the dark sky. Not that I liked the starry sky or something. It was weird enough to not having rain all over the city. I thought people used this opportunity to going out somewhere but their houses. The street was unusually crowded, snack stalls popped up in every corner of it. It was kind of nice. I bet the air smelled like tasty crisps and doughnuts.

“Are you going to bury yourself in this room?”

The High Warlock smiled at me, his fierce yet soft eyes scanned me and I knew he could read what I was up to without actually read my mind. Then he turned to the window, in his eyes lights from the street below reflected. The orange orbs flickered, as if the activity down there perked his interest. But I knew better.

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