Her hair was now cut short; shorter than it had ever been. If she was a forest, her trees were whittled down near its roots; very short, and it might need an amount of time to grew back. Birds now didn’t have houses, and cloudy rain could kiss the filthy soil easily, yet the frogs were thirsty because their pond was dry. Everything was a disaster. The forest’s crowd were never encountered a total destruction like this.

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I was Dreaming

I think I already live in lies for too long. Or maybe it is actually acquired in real life? I think I was trained to pretend so much until I didn’t know what is my actual intention. It is easy to talk to someone and pretend that you are truly care about them, and ignore them later. I did that too much, until finally when someone about which I really care come around, I don’t know what to do to keep them. Someone in the back of my head repeatedly tells me to be aware; to be cautious to everything. It anxious me. What if this person -the one which I really care- leaves me like I did to everyone else? What if it’s something like a karma? And thanks to that, up until today I don’t have anyone who I actually consider as my best-best friend.

Last night I dreamed about you again, for the first time in this month. I don’t really know why you appeared in my dream again, since we have no actual interaction in these past months. Legend says that when you dreamed about someone, that someone is missing you. I hope it is true, then. I hope you miss me as much as I miss you. Oh, I feel so embarrassed when I typed that.

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Trilogi Ke : #3 Ketakutan

Ada satu titik di dalam tubuh ini, di mana ia mencoba dengan segenap hati dan jiwanya untuk muncul ke permukaan. Namun titik ini selalu kalah oleh teman-temannya; ego, otak, tangan, pikiran, dan teman-temannya yang lain. Titik ini sudah bosan berada di dalam, namun otak selalu membentaknya jika ia memaksa untuk keluar; apa kau tidak malu dengan dirimu sendiri?

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Jungkook is Lost

Jungkook is lost. On one very late night he finds himself awake, starring at the ceiling with wide eyes open, fighting back the urge to cry. He sighs in discomfort, can’t help feeling the battle of his mind and his heart draining his energy down. Jungkook has known that this matters are taking up his mind and energy, but he can’t help it. He can’t restrain himself to not fall in love once again.

Taehyung is life. He is sunshine, he is everything. Every time he is around, his surroundings seems like brighten up a bit. He makes everyone laughs with his jokes. He makes the leaves dance with his movement. Taehyung does a lot of thing to perks up the world. A little bit more to makes Jungkook’s world alive.

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