Her hair was now cut short; shorter than it had ever been. If she was a forest, her trees were whittled down near its roots; very short, and it might need an amount of time to grew back. Birds now didn’t have houses, and cloudy rain could kiss the filthy soil easily, yet the frogs were thirsty because their pond was dry. Everything was a disaster. The forest’s crowd were never encountered a total destruction like this.

But her trees refused to regrow. There were no rain for days; the snakes under the logs were desperate for water so they almost willed to share with those white rabbits. Above all, she was disappointed. Honestly, she thought her freshly-trimmed hair would make a significant change to her world. Perhaps her forest would catch a fire, or maybe the deer would start to climbed trees. Still, the sunshine remained quiet. It just brushed its light as usual. Nothing changed.

She kept her lips beamed, though. The choice to destroy her forest had been made, nothing could be done now. The birds, frogs, snakes and rabbits needed to manage with their new milieu; the strongest would live, the weakest would vanish. She just ought to keep her smile on and prayed that the sunshine didn’t realise the hurt in her eyes.

One of the rabbit smelled a stream of water, but after an hour of searching, the rabbit couldn’t find any river or pond. One snake debated with a frog; it was an invisible river, the snake said. It was the rabbit’s imagination, the frog said. She didn’t bother to quiet down the noisy argument; she was busy concealing things from the sunshine.

Paradoxically, she was relieved of what the sunshine had done. Her dependency didn’t need to continue; she had to learn how to regrow her own forest without help. She could use any sunshine; there were a lot of sun to lean on, not only this one. Just because she was friends with the sun, it didn’t mean that she could use it as her source of living for free.

Deep down in the heart of the woods, without her knowing, there was a newly generated tree, which could grow without the current sun. Which sun? She didn’t know it yet. There were millions of stars under the universe and beyond, one of them could be the one. And this different tree would still remain hidden until she managed to move away from the current sun.

Corrupting, she would say, making her creating unreasonable decision; eating away her leaves and killing her rabbits. She needed to find another sun. This one was not healthy anymore.

And cutting her trees, trimming her hair, was one of the moves.

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