Pintu Kaca Kamar Mandi #1

When the mosquitoes were singing beside his ears, he did realise that his eye was about to fall down. His left eye, to be precise. There was a string of flesh that still holds it together so it kept sticking to his face. But with one harsh move, it would fall down, undoubtedly. He stared at his reflection on the glass door in disbelief. With this condition, he would never be able to live easily.

There was a thought appeared in his mind; yanked it off or carefully lived in peace and kept the eye still in his eye socket. The first choice seemed easy to do. It was not a matter of pain. The fact that he just realised that his left eye was about to fall was surprising. He didn’t feel any slight pain or even a tickle on his eye. It was the matter of manner; was it okay if he just had one eye instead of two?

He sighs. The second choice was harder. He wouldn’t know if he accidentally ripped of the flesh and lost his left eye in the swimming pool, or any other activities that he needed to do. Necessarily or not, he still had a life to live, and doing nothing just because your eyes was about to fall was not a worth option to do.

In his confusion, the glass door suddenly opened. It was his sister, standing on the opposite side of the door, blinking nervously and wondering why her brother was taking too much time in the bathroom. She tried to knock, but her brother seemed to not listening. In the end, she pushed the door open. Her naked brother view was not bothering her much. They had seen each other’s body since childhood, anyway, nothing sexual about the extra fat on each other’s belly.

A green coloured eye was rolling down the bathroom floor, the glass door abruptly splattered with red stain. He shrieked, his sister yelled; both of them screamed at the sight of an eyeball gliding on the floor. He quickly covered the sanitation pipe with his feet so he wouldn’t lose his left eye. He didn’t feel any pain, it was true, yet he could feel the hollow feeling holed on his holey face. It was cold, he shivered slightly, and there was a soft whiff of air touching his empty left eye.

“How do you feel?” his sister asked.

“Nothing’s different,” he answered, his one eye opened wide. “I still can see perfectly with one eye.”

“Keep the left eye,” his sister suggested. She took the eye and examined it under her nose. “You can use it as a lucky charm.”

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