Stay a Little Longer?

When the first snow fell, Misha the Dragon was in his big but comfy cave. He somehow managed to get his place’s warm enough for himself. After adjusting his tail, Misha began to sleep since it’s night time already.
That was when he hear a rustling sound near him.

Misha didn’t keep a pet, no. He was -is- a good dragon, and he didn’t eat friends. So, where was this sound came from?

Apparently it was from a little rabbit that sneaked into Misha’s cave for warmth. Its long ears shivered, its fluffy tail was not fluffy anymore. Being a good dragon, Misha let the rabbit sat with him inside his cave.
Then Misha learned that the rabbit’s name was Dean. Dean actually got lost after he run after a cute bird. When he realized that he lost his way, the night time was already coming.

“Poor you,” Misha said pitifully. “You can stay here until tomorrow, then!”

Then they spent the night together, with warm foot and friendly companion.
But then the light snowfall turned into very very bad snowfall. Dean sat sadly in front of the cave’s opening, his eyes following the snow movement in front of him. At this rate, even if it was broad daylight, he wouldn’t know his way back home.

Then Misha came with two warm cups of tea, and said that Dean could spend another night with him today. With a snowstorm like this, Misha himself couldn’t go outside his cave, and his friends also too, so Dean’s company would be a great thing for him.

Gladly, Dean picked the pink coloured cup, and, yes, he agreed to spent one more night.
They spent the whole afternoon with jokes, small games, and even Misha showed his cooking skill to Dean. They also baked chocolate cookies together. Misha was so happy, and when the night came, they curled up together and fell asleep.

The snowstorm was over on the next morning. Dean hopped outside the cave happily. Now he can made his way home. He was about to leave when Misha tapped his tail to Dean’s ear. He made a package of tea and the cookies they made yesterday.

“Will you come here again? To visit me?” Misha blinked.

“Of course!” Dean jumped closer to Misha and asked him to move his head closer to the ground. They rubbed their nose together. “Of course I will visit you! You’re my best friend now!”

Misha nodded. He felt relieved. Dean was so fun to hang out with, and Misha didn’t want to lose his new friend.

“See you next time, then, Dean,” Misha said.

“See you next time, for sure,” Dean smiled.


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