The Sakura

What if everyone wants to die? The thought emerged in Luce’s mind. He just saw one of the youngsters died this noon; hit by a large deep blue container truck, and flawlessly burst into sakura petals.

It was abnormally beautiful, if he set aside the hit-and-run accident and the death of that kid as well. It was like a scene in those animated movie; his head was turning into sakura petals right when the kid’s head hit the truck. His whole body followed afterward.

Luce could see the container’s driver shocked. From that height he obviously couldn’t see the boy. He just surprised when suddenly a large amount of sakura petals burst in front of his window. Lucky that he could handle the truck well.

The old folks said, if you turned into a sakura, then your life is perfect. The goal of all Sun Children was a perfect life. But there’s a lot of things that they should do before completing their life and became ‘perfect’. That’s why many of the youngsters doubted the statement at that time. How the heck can they turn into a flower? But with the Catherine Gray’s suicide, their thought were full of the sakura petals which filled the Ritz Hotel’s parking lot.

That was three weeks ago, and Luce already had four invitations to a ‘suicide party’ sent to him.

He himself didn’t doubt the old folk’s talk, and maybe that’s why he didn’t have any thought about killing himself. For a youngsters, Luce was always a bit odd. He always saw what everyone didn’t, and hear what everyone didn’t.

Most of the Sun Children died naturally. It was always the human who always had an unpleasant death. Killed, fell from a high places, traffic accidents.

Because, Luce thought when he showered that night, the human is weak.

Suicide was one of the thing that the Sun Children couldn’t do. Suicide was a weakness thing to do. It was what a human would do. They would be as low as the human if they committed suicide.

What Catherine Gray did three weeks ago was really surprising for the old folks. There was no suicidal death tracked in the Sun Children history. At least until three weeks ago. Somebody said that she just wanted to prove the old folk’s saying, but even Luce knew it was a weak excuse. There must be something bigger behind it.

What created chaos in the elders was being an exciting news for the youngsters. The Grimm’s secret chamber was crowded that night. Some of the youngsters decided to talk about Catherine’s suicide too, like the elders did in the council room, but they held it less formal. Every block’s leader agreed that the Grimm’s secret chamber would be safe for them to talk, or else the elder would know and punish them.

Sam Whiterby’s father was in the council too. When he knew his father was going to that meeting, Sam set up a tiny and undetectable microphone on his dad’s coat, so everyone in the secret chamber could hear things too.

Luce remember there were a lot of arguments after that.

“Such a filthy girl she is,” Jesse Whiterby said. “I bet she doesn’t know what ‘low-as-human’ means.”

“But, Jesse,” her brother murmured. “The old folks told us about the ‘perfect life’, don’t they?”

What’s the point in telling us that perfect life if suicide is forbidden, Luce thought. He was in the very corner of the chamber, all silent and look like he didn’t interested in the topic. But his mind was active, he caught everything they said perfectly.

“It doesn’t have to be a suicide,” a boy stated, uncertain. “The old folks only said about us turning into sakuras, there’s a lot of thing that can make us die.”

“What a creative thinking,” Sam whispered.

“So, we will have a perfect life if we, what, hit ourselves in front of a container truck?”

“Well, that can be tried,”

“It will be hurt a lot, you know,” someone said, he laughed. “I mean, being hit by a truck. Last week my dog bite me and it hurts a lot.”

“And, come on,” Jesse spoke calmly. “There’s still a long way to go, guys. We can complete our ‘perfect life’ safer than hit yourself to a truck,”

Their conversation ended in that statement, but Luce hardly believed that the suicide thing would vanish from their thought. That’s why when he saw that kid was hit by a container truck that noon, all he did was laughing.

Maybe turning into sakuras wasn’t a bad idea.

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