When she passed down the street at night, it was too cliché to described. Street lamps were illuminating the road, tiny dots of light lined across the pavement, lots of people were crowding the way. It was not a busy night. It was just a usual, calming night, even though the sound of someone’s car beeping could be heard somewhere in the crowd. This was just a busy city.

This didn’t remind her of something in particular. Nothing could be remembered from a mundane view of the city at night. She didn’t have any important memories to be recollected.

“It felt like a long distance relationship, isn’t it?” the sentence had escaped her lips in whisper.

She didn’t know how she managed to think about that. But it was indeed feels like a long distance relationship. The awareness of needing someone to be cuddled on was clouding her mind, like a virus, and it began to grow bigger and bigger. It had nothing to do with the lampposts, but it had triggered the virus. There were something in the warm, dim light of those street lamps that made her feel sad on a sudden.

It was sad, when you wanted to see someone but you couldn’t. No matter how hard the rain loved the cloud, it had to leave anyway.

“I wanted to see you,” the rain said, but it was already spilled on the ground. As it slowly sank down in to the earth, the rain stared at the sky up above its head longingly.

“The cloud perhaps missed you back,” she whispered to the water that no longer there. “But I am not too sure about that.”

She walked back to her room late at night, with her virus-infected mind, and trying too hard to fall asleep.


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